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We here At People4people  are what our name suggest  People4people

Our aim is to empower individuals to stand up for their work place rights. We run a non profit business model which basically means all donations/contributions go towards the running and upkeep of the sevice. When we are contacted by a client via phone or email we assess what help is needed and if indeed we can help in the form of a consultation, IF we feel we cannot help then the consoltation will come to an end.If we feel that we can help then your details will be taken and passed on to one of our advisors. once you have outlined the reason why you have contacted People4people to the advisor there then begins a negotiation on how much you can donate/ contribute for the help you will receive.

The negotiation from the advisor's point of view will be based on three criteria.



  • How much you earn vs. how much you feel you can donate/contribute

  • The complexity of the issue

  • The service you Require



If agreement is made between all parties involved in your request for help then you will be invoiced. That invoice will act as a contract between People4people and yourself. Please read the invoice carefully. Your invoice will detail what has been agreed.

NO work will start until we have received a counter signed Invoice either by email by text message or by post.

Any advice given by People4people advisor's or it representative's should not be taken as legal advice. 

Our advisors will give personal opinion on subjects discussed based on year's of working experience. Our advisors will have the right to discontinue contact if they feel under any threat of abuse or anything they consider unreasonable behaviour. We understand that stress can play a major role in why you may feel you need help but please remember, we are people too. Your invoice will clearly state what People4people has agreed to do. NO work will start until we have received a counter signed Invoice ether by email by text message or post. The advisors are used to dealing with people from all walks of life and can help and advise anyone with work place issues but as a community based and ethnically minded organization we tend to help more people on modest means than big city high flyers (not that we discriminate against big city high flyers). On that basis the contributions that are agreed will reflect your individual circumstances. There are various options for ways you can donate your contributions. All of which will be explained during your consultation.



 We do NOT claim to provide any legal services, if you feel that you need legal services we can recommend an employment law solicitor.




  • How much you earn vs. how much you feel you can donate/contribute

  • The complexity of the issue

  • The service you Require


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