Looking for another way.

Since the beginning of the year there have been over 3000 recorded deaths at sea along the Libyan cost. This is an astonishing figure as these are men women and children.

Because the bodies tend to get washed up on the Libyan beaches out of view of the greater European public, there is no action being taken to either help the Libyan coast guards or to help the people waiting ashore for their turn to try their luck.

Many are forced at gun point to board these unseaworthy vessels. The business of death is very lucrative for the people smugglers, as the supply of human cargo seems never ending. If we were talking about drugs or oil, then you would see a much more robust attempt to get into Libya and put a stop to this terrible trade. But because this is a trade of black Africans then no one seems to have any inclination to do more.

Italy has taken the vast majority of the people who have either been lucky enough to have made land or even luckier one who have been rescued at sea. Italy is begging the EU to help and come up with a plan to stop the flow of people. But with many of the countries of Europe closing their borders, erecting wire fence and bolstered boarder patrols the people bottleneck is becoming congested. How many people can Italy realistically cope with? The answer will become clear sooner than we think. What will be the consequences of a migrant committing a terrorist act?

Over 85,000 have made the crossing so far and the flow does not show any signs of stopping. If there is no common EU policy on migration then each country can say no to helping with the numbers, could this be another nail in the European project? And then there is the strained relationship with Turkey. With political unrest between the EU and Turkey, what would happen if the EU/Turkey deal breaks down, how would the EU cope with another influx of people from another source?

What will the EU do if this scenario comes to be true? Are they planning for this? Would Germany take more refugees? Would France be able to keep a hold of its population if another wave of people are settled there. With right wing political parties on the rise across Europe what will be the tipping point that sees the coming to power of the far right across Europe.?

So it goes back to the point, what will be done at source to resolve enough of the issues? The kinds of issues that make whole populations flee from their homes and risk their lives and the lives of their families. The only way to get the politicians to act is to keep talking about this humanitarian disaster. If you agree then please don’t stay silent please,


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