The Have’s, the have a lot and the have not

Hi and welcome. We started this series last winter looking at the high levels of inequality in Great Britain today. As you start to look deeper at this situation you begin to realised how bad and deep routed this issue really is. We came across the findings of a report by the Trussell Trust.

This report reveals the worries of having to pay for childcare and food during the six-week break. The charity said demand on its 35 food banks in Wales peak during July and August, when there is no access to school dinners or breakfast clubs. In July and August 2015, Trussell Trust food banks in Wales gave out 4,703 three-day emergency food supplies to children, compared to 4,415 in the two previous months.

"Families who rely on free school meals during term time can find themselves facing hunger in the school holidays," said Tony Graham, the Trussell Trust's food bank network manager for Wales.

"No one knows the full scale of hunger in Wales during the school holidays, but these figures make one thing clear: many families are closer to crisis than we think."

Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship (Patch) has food banks in Haverfordwest, Saundersfoot, Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven, as well a various donation drop-off points.

Working closely with referral agencies, Patch has been helping to put food on the table of people in a financial crisis since 2008. Last year it gave food parcels to 3,421 people, clothing to over 450 people and small household items to over 800 people. Last month they saw a 90% increase in need compared to June 2015. And that need is still creeping up.

In Carmarthenshire an urgent appeal has been issued by the council to ensure children do not go hungry during the school holidays. People are urged to donate food items to drop-off points across the county and parents are encouraged not to feel embarrassed about seeking help. Councillor Alun Lenny said: "As well as appealing to the public in general to donate what they can to the food bank collection points in supermarkets or directly, I encourage parents who find themselves in need to take advantage of this facility - for their children's sakes.

In April the Trussell Trust figures showed 85,656 three-day food packages were given out in the 2015/16 financial year, compared to 85,875 the year before. Of those, 31,267 three-day food packages went to children, figures showed. The Trussell Trust said more than a third of the aid given out by its 445 food banks across the UK went to children.It describes itself as "a charity founded on Christian principles", and runs its network of food banks in partnership with churches and communities.Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the police identify people in need and issue them with a food bank voucher.

This issues is another one of those hidden threats to our future generations, in a modern country like Great Britain thses types of issues should not be hidden but instead a bright light shone on the issue so things can be done. If you feel that this is an important issue, don't stay silent. Please,


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