What’s going on with Teaching?

Since we started this series about 18 months ago, the situation within teaching has just gone from bad to worst. Our first article was written and inspired by a teachers strike, and this latest article comes on the back of another strike.

Throughout every article in this series we have said the same thing, listen to the Teachers. They are the ones on the frontline and see at first hand the issues that they face and what’s coming in the future. So why not listen to them? Maybe what teachers have to say is not what the politicians want to hear. Teachers should be listened to as they have such a major impact on the future generations. If teachers are going on strike that surely should set the alarm bell ringing.

Teaching is a demanding, pressurised and important profession. Society should respect, reward and elevate them. It is well documented the pressures they are facing, so why would politicians poor fuel on the fire by not addressing the major issues of pay and retention? Year on year the government has missed its target for recruiting and retaining new teachers, this in turn has a knock on effect on the current teaching pool which results in short staff and supply teachers.

The national curriculum is another area of contention. Teachers have asked for no more political tinkering and upheaval, but again they have not been listened to. Everyone wants to improve the standards in our schools but you cannot leave the most important people out of the decision making process. Teachers have to know what they are teaching, and be supported in every way so they can deliver.

Why not pay Teachers accordingly in relation to the important job they do? Teachers do not enter this profession for an easy life or to get rich, it is a passion and a calling, most people can think back to a special teacher that had some impact in their lives. Yet when teachers are in dispute, the government always sets out to demonise them and make them out to be selfish. The government will say how the teachers are putting the futures of school children at risk and damaging the economy.

With this kind of treatment, it’s no wonder that professions like teachers and doctors, Police and Fire fighters all have very bad relationships with government. When it comes to strike action these decisions are made with a heavy hart. For these professionals to strike means all attempted talks have broken down and they feel they have no choice.

It’s time for governments to stop this negative way of handling teachers concerns, it has been shown that entering a war of words in the media just causes more issues than it solves. It makes it harder to recruit good teachers and drives others into private schools and abroad. Lets start talking up the profession and reward them for their work. Address the pay issues, set aside housing and show the respect due


If that could be achieved, maybe we might get a contented and well staffed teaching profession that can do the best for our children. If you agree with what has been said then don’t stay silent, please,


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