Many people are worried about what’s going to happen to them following Bexit. For EU nationals living and working in the UK the worry is tenfold. So what’s going to happen to them?

Well the answer is nothing. The plain fact of the matter is that the UK cannot afford for the mass migration of EU citizens out of the country. Large parts of the economy rely on migrant labour and this has been the case for hundreds of years. Simply put this country was built and maintained by migrant labour.

The NHS is just one example of the nation’s important infrastructure being supported by migrant workers. When you add the railways, busses, schools and University’s to the list of areas that rely on migrant workers you soon see the problem the UK has. There is a house building crisis, not caused by immigration but by government policies. There are pledges from all governments to build more houses; well these houses will not get built without Eastern European builders.

The construction industry would come to a halt through a lack of workers if all the Polish builders were asked to leave. Estimates show that at least a third of people working in the financial services industry are foreign nationals. With these Kinds of figures and the vital role migrant workers play, there is no way the UK government wants to unsettle people any more than they already feel following brexit.

One suggestion to foreign nationals, who have lived in the UK for 5 or more years, is to apply for UK citizenship. And if you have children born in the UK get them a UK passport, you never know what advantages that could bring in the future.

All in all there will be no changes for at least 2 years, as that’s how long it will take just to negotiate a way to leave the EU. We also guarantee that the government recognises that the UK needs migrants to keep the economy turning and for the tax revenues that they produce.

One area that concerns us is the rise of racial discrimination. Following the vote there seems to be a rise in reported racist incidents, and it also seems that this rise is connected to Brexit. Racisms and discrimination are unacceptable in today’s society.

If you feel you are a victim of any kind of discrimination at work, do not hesitate to contact People4people. We will help you,


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