Getting the right team.

People often use the word teamwork. But how many of those people actually know what it really is and how it works. The principal of teamwork is very simple. First identify the strengths and weaknesses of the members of the team, then allocate them their roles, make sure they understand what they have to do. Support them, encourage them and help them.

When you look at the latest football tournament Euro 16 it is noticeable that there has been a number of smaller National who are not supposed to do very well, doing very well. In fact they have out shone many of the larger so called football powers. I put this down to one major quality, Teamwork. Wales, Iceland and Portugal are great examples of this word. Togetherness, winning and losing as a team and supporting each other. These are qualities that money can’t buy.

When you look at the England team performance you can see a lack of teamwork and an understanding of their roles within the team. Not putting the right people in the right positions, and letting reputations rather than performance dictate who were chosen to be in the team. Theses bad decisions showed themselves in the displays the team put on.

Many businesses should look at the examples shown in the last couple of weeks and incorporate a true sense of teamwork amongst their work forces. It starts with recruitment. Get the right people who have the skills needed. Do not make recruitment an exercise in finding like minded people or potential drinking buddies. Do not use gender and race as reasons not to hire. Share the company’s successes with every member of staff. And never create a, them and us culture.

Too many businesses do follow these simple lessons despite the fact that they are well known. Employees that do not feel invested in or valued will cost a company in the long run. If you’re unhappy at work and feel unfairly treated, then contact People4people and we will help you,


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