Hi and welcome to another edition of FIND YOUR VOICE. In this article we once again look at the migration crisis that is hitting Europe. Since writing the last article in February things have gone from bad to worst. Women and children continue to drown in the Aegean Sea in their desperate attempts to get to Europe. The big summit to tackle the problem held in Brussels came up with a typically European answer. Send them back!!! The Europeans have agreed with Turkey that refugees landing on the Greek islands will be sent back, and they will pay the Turks to keep them on their land.

There are two major problems with this approach. First is it legal to force refugees to go back to where they have risked their lives to flee from?

Second. If I had risked mine and my family’s lives to escape a war zone, do they think it’s going to be easy to send me back. No I would do everything in my power to stop that from happening.

Turkey is a beautiful country but it has major problems. There is war all along the Turkish borders with Syria and Iraq. The country is at war with the Kurdish separatist groups who want an independent state for their people. There are regular suicide bombing, a Government that is taking over the free press and an economy that is in very bad shape.

The Europeans want to send the refugees back to this?

I am not saying that Europe can accommodate all these people but as the ex Polish foreign minister said on the BBC, it is a failure in foreign policy that is to blame for the situation Europe now faces and in particular Britain and France.

Britain and France should have set up no fly zones and protected areas for civilians at a much earlier stage of the war in Syria, but instead they just encouraged the overthrow of the government supplied weapons and then left them to it. This just helped pave the way for how things are today.

Britain has now sent a warship to the area between Turkey and Greece. They will use this ship to turn back the rubber boats and not allow them to reach Greece. Warships against women and children in rubber boats? What a typical European response.

Barbed wire fencing has sprung up all across the borders of southern Europe, masses of people stuck in limbo, sleeping in open fields like animals. But they just keep coming.

As spring follows winter there is another tide of humanity waiting to make the journey to Europe but these people are coming from Libya and will cross the Mediterranean Sea. Are these people going to be sent back too? We will wait and see. In the meantime don’t stay silent please,


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