It is nice when you back a winner!!!

The unfair use of Joint Enterprise is over according to the supreme court of appeal.

We have run a number of articles highlighting the injustice that is Joint Enterprise.

This 300 year old law had been used with vigour by the CPS to gain convictions of murder for defendants without there being any form of scientific or even basic police work.

Writing this article makes me feel good as this issue has affected a disproportionate number of young black youth and their families.

Just to make it clear we sympathise with any victim of crime, and we believe that if you do the crime then you should do the time.

When the murders of Steven Lawrence were convicted using the joint enterprise law I among many were jumping for joy. But if they were innocent then I would not want them to serve a jail term.

This law has been used to clear the streets of gangs and groups of young Black boys. That is a statistical fact, so not only do innocent people get swept up in this injustice so do the victims of the crime, as the mass imprisonment of people who might not even seen the crime, is not justice.

We expect the appeal courts will be busy in the next couple of years sorting out 30years of injustice. But for all those innocent people convicted under this doctrine there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you read this article you may be interested in the previous articles on this subject, they can be found on the blogs page of the people4people website.

Finally don’t stay silent, please,


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