We are continuing with our look at the migration crisis.

The biggest threat to the European project is the migration crisis.

With conflicts in places like, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine driving refugees from those regions. On the another side there is Boko haram, Al shabaab, the Tuareg of

People do not risk their lives and the lives of their children if they have other choices.

So it is ironic that the countries that the majority of refugees want to head to are either directly or indirectly involved in the conflict they are fleeing from in the first place.

Winter has not slowed the flow of people, thousands are drowning at see in their attempts to leave their conflict zones. What is happening out at sea is nothing less than a daily tragedy. Winter has not slowed the flow of bombs being dropped either, in fact the Russians have intensified their bombing causing massive detestation on the ground.

The reporting of the daily drownings has died down as there seems to be no answer to the problem, but if you look you will find that Greek morgues are full of bodies washed ashore,

Greek charity workers base there operations on the beaches of the many island between Greece and Turkey. Greece is a poor country and just does not have the infrastructure to deal with the numbers coming, so let the refugees continue on their journeys to northern Europe.

As the winter chill has set in so has a cold attitude towards refugees. The poor country's of Europe have closed their borders started erecting razor wire fences and now are refusing to let any more refugees pass through. They are calling for the rich EU country's to do a lot more to help and eventual stop the flow of people at source by resolving the conflicts they are fleeing from.

if you read this or any of the other articles in relation to the migration crisis don't stay silent, please,


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