Joint Enterprise

Since posting our first articles on Joint Enterprise in FIND YOUR VOICE (9) and its supplements things seem to have gone quite. In October this year 3 people convicted of murder under the ruling of Joint Enterprise took their cases to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Their appeals are based on the fact that they did not commit the murder but were present when the murder took place. Under Joint Enterprise they were convicted and sentenced like they had done the deed themselves. Now as we outlined in the earlier editions this Law has been used more frequently now than at any other time in the laws 300 year history. The Joint Enterprise law was created to stop people from settling their differences through duelling at dawn and to also criminalise the organiser’s.

We urge anyone who reads this article to read FYV (9), a, b, c and d if you want to get a good understanding of how this 300 yr old law is filling the prisons with innocent people. For those who will only read this article, then please see a short definition below from Wikipedia:

The doctrine of common purpose, common design, joint enterprise, or joint criminal enterprise is a common law legal doctrine that imputes criminal liability to the participants in a criminal enterprise for all that results from that enterprise. A common application of the rule is to impute criminal liability for wounding a person to participants in a riot who knew, or were reckless as to knowing, that one of their number had a knife and might use it, despite the fact that the other participants did not have knives themselves.

Now this is a 300 yr old law so the definitions you find will all sound like they have come from the mouth of a lawyer, so our definition is more in layman’s terms, The Crown prosecution service has resurrected this law with vigour, they are successfully jailing large groups of people for a single crime. If you ever heard the expression wrong time wrong place, that is Joint enterprise. We don’t support gangs and the gang culture but not every grouping of young people is a gang but if one of the group commits a violent crime your guaranteed that a charge under joint Enterprise is coming for all.

While the Judges at the Supreme Court deliberate we thought we should bring this subject up again. Please read the follow up articles to this one as you will find it shocking what the statistics tell us and behind every statistic is a person. Joint Enterprise backs up bad and lazy policing, it is outdated and unjust. There are many innocent people in Jail waiting for the appeal ruling, we wish them well, so in the mean time don’t stay silent please...


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