Silent night, Holy night....

In the next two editions of FYV we are going to be looking at two contrasting worlds that are begining to meet. When we look at the violent attacks In London and Paris we can only wonder where it will all end. There are solutions and answers out there, but it is going to take some brave and bold actions to reverse this pattern.

Before you continue reading we must point out that we do not condone: Discrimination of any nature whether it be Creed, Colour or Religion. We also believe in a non violent approach to settling conflicts and finally we strongly believe that every man woman and child on this planet should enjoy basic rights to life. So the research for the following articles made us sad, shocked and sickened but despite this we had to FIND OUR VOICE...

Most ancient and modern day religions have one thing in common, Temples, Mosques, Churches, area's and places that are considered most holy. These places are normally reserved for worship and prayer, Humanity has been drawn to these places for guidance, spirituality and sanctuary.

If you watch the video on the spread of religion across the globe you will see a few light blue specks on the map, Judaism. Christianity and to a lesser extent Islam are very much related to Judaism and to highlight the point they even share holy sites and Temples. The Religious books and teachings from these Religions share similar stories and talk about similar events in history. They even share the same moral code of do good unto others, you reap what you sow, don’t steal, don’t lie and DONT KILL as we are all God/Allah's children.

One of the most famous Religious places on Earth is Jerusalem ; I think we all know the significance of this place whether Christian, Jew or Muslim. Jerusalem was in Palestine and was the spiritual capital until the creation of the state of Israel. The new Jewish nation also wanted Jerusalem as its spiritual Capital. That is where we can leave history for a moment and bring our thoughts to today.

The conflicts that we see today between the Palestinians and Israeli’s is as entrenched, violent, horrific and unjust as any other major conflict / war in the world today, but the media attention is deliberately facing the other way. When looking at the map of Palestine/Israel and what is going on with Israel’s expansion, it totally contradicts what the UN and the West say what is right. If this kind of takeover of land and the forced removal of its people were happening anywhere else in the world there would be outrage, uproar and a call for war!!! But instead we hear very little about the giant concrete walls built to separate and restrict, or hear about the sky high infant mortality rates in the Gaza prison/strip because of years of Israel blocking air, land and sea imports. But as this map shows the worst humiliation for the Palestinian population is the open stealing of the land despite UN resolutions stating that it is illegal to build on occupied land. The Palestinians feel betrayed, abandoned and forgotten; this over time has lead to generations of young Palestinians with no future and no hope. The vast Majority of Palestinians are Muslim with a small percentage of them being Christians and even smaller numbers are Jewish. The reason we started this articles talking about Religion is because Religions can act like a brotherhood and give a sense of belonging. No matter where in the world you live, if you belong to a certain Religion you can easily view others who share your Religion as part of your family.

So how do you think fellow Muslims feel about Palestine coming from;


Barclays bank

To this

Under no circumstances would the West tolerate this if were happening anywhere else in the world.

We do not blame the Jewish people as it is politicians who declare war not people and in the follow up articles we will try to present the Israeli story.

After decades of conflict between Palestine and Israel with the West backing Israel, any wannabe Jihadist just need to think about this conflict to gain inspiration to blow themselves up and anyone around them.

Unless this conflict is settled fairly there will always be Islamic terrorism, as this is a stark example of one rule for the West and completely different rules for everyone else. We believe that the violent attacks in Paris and earlier in London are just the tip of a huge ice berg.

After reading this and the follow up articles don’t stay silent please...


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