Bombs, Bullets and Bloodshed

Today I am angry, Why? Big news an extra £12bln pounds is to be spent on the military!!!! Ahhh. This just underlines the same old thinking that has been going round and round for as long as anyone can remember. When Government policies fail why are lessons never learnt?

OK let me get to the point, it has been well documented that the NHS has a black hole of anywhere between £8bln - £12bln, junior Doctors are going on strike, there is a winter crisis looming in A&E, Mental health resources are virtually non existent, proposals to cut the Nurse training grants, Social care is crumbling, Council budgets slashed even your local Library is under threat if it hasn't gone already.

What about our Schools? Could you just imagine the Educational, Economic, Environmental benefits that a 12bln increase in funding could bring? The ONLY way in my opinion to defeat the generation long struggle against extremist is through:

Education: Through teaching young people to be tolerant of one and other, Teach the TRUE Religion of Islam as well as all other major Religions to young people with the aim of eliminate ignorance. Teach the value of life weather it be a White one or one of color. Build more schools instead of building more bombs, Build schools in poverty stricken ex Colonial countries and educate the local populations. Invest 12bln into the brain and not the bullet!!!!

Economic: The model of capitalism that the greedy western countries imposes on the rest of the world is a source for untold misery. Its like having a pay day loan that just rolls over for years. Although there are many poor people in this country, the levels of poverty are completely different If you are a poor person in Bangladesh or Botswana. The levels of debt that a lot of developing countries have, mean they will never be able to invest sufficiently into their own infrastructure and provide top class public facilities for all. At the same time these conditions mean that governments are unstable, large parts of their population remain in poverty with no way out, but ultimately this helps the recruitment of foot solders for the extremist. The debt burden placed on the African Continent is crippling, If Britain alone lifted 12bln of debt from its former Colonies it would make a huge difference in those countries.

Environmental: Weather you believe in Climate change or not you cannot deny phenomena like El Nino,( broadly the warming of the oceans, oceans effect the weather). The Worlds weather is like a long chain wrapped around the Globe and its all connected. There are Billions of people around the world who are feeling the direct results of changing weather patterns, Rice fields in India being flooded and washed away, to the farming belt of the Mid west of the USA suffering the longest droughts on record. Just my opinion but I believe the endless rush for Oil, Gas, and precious metals has its effects. There are so many Environmental issues I could mention, I think that's going to have to be a blog all by itself.

Bombs; Please believe me, there is no such thing as a bomb that only hits terrorist. More than 400 - 500 Civilians have been killed since Russia started its bombing in Syria. (Just collateral damage). The Americans Bombed a hospital in Afganistan for half an hour killing all the Doctors and nurses who were working there, (Mistaken identity).

Bullets; More people have died by the bullet in the last 100 yrs. than all natural disasters and disses in the same period.

Bloodshed; The cycle of violence we see today on our TV screens is just the latest chapter in a story that has been running for the last 100yrs

I will not be publishing loads of supporting articles on this one as this is just a personal rant, but if you read this and think I might have a point then don't stay silent, please......


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