The Gaps between the rich the average and the poor are growing ever wider.

In our compatible robotic modern day lifestyles, we often think about what it would be like to be very wealthy. You can easily go on to imagine all sorts of wonderful things you would do. But we don’t often think about what it would be like to be very poor. Unless you are or have been very poor it almost impossible to imagine all the limitations the economic situation would put on your life.

Inequality in society creates hidden dangers, from rising health problems to riots on the streets. The levels of inequality in this Country are shocking and in the following articles we will break down some of the numbers.

The UK has a very high level of income inequality compared to other developed countries.

People in the bottom 10% of the population have on average a net income of £8,468. The top 10% have net incomes almost ten times that (£79,042). Income inequality is much starker at the top of the income scale, with the group with the 9th highest incomes making only 60% of the top 10%’s income. Inequality is much higher amongst original income than net income with the poorest 10% having on average an original income of £3,738 whilst the top 10% have an original income over 27 times larger (£102,366)1

Wealth Inequality is like a bomb waiting to explode the signs are there. We are not saying we have an answer to this growing problem, but by highlighting the issue it may provoke a wider debate. History has shown us that if the wealth inequality grows to unsustainable levels, the common people rise up against it. Times have moved on since the Russian and French revolutions but the Arab spring revolutions were born out of frustration, lack of opportunity and wanting a greater share of recourses.

Today in Athens Greece (the home of democracy) you will find people of all generations willing to rioting on the streets against their economic situation, suicide levels are sky high and young people have been leaving the country in the hundreds of thousands. Banks have been forced to close or restrict how much you can withdraw, yet Greece belongs to the richest group of countries in the world.

Fortunately for us here in the UK we are not quite in that sort of trouble (yet) but all of our neighbouring countries are in trouble, Youth unemployment across Europe is at record levels and no matter how much you try to avoid your neighbours issues at some point things will come to your door.

The last and most important thing is, don’t stay silent please...


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