Bullying do you really know it when you see it? especially at work? do you know how to prove you are being bullied? are you just over reacting?

We are looking at this issue as the latest figures from ACAS suggest that it is on the rise, with more people complaining about being bullied at work than ever before.

In this series of articles we will look at the difference between bullying and work banter, how to deal with the fact that you are being bullied, what if you witness a colleague being bullied, and the health implications.

It can be a lonely place when you are being bullied at work, not sure who you can trust and talk too, not being part of the click, not being asked to go for Friday drinks with the rest of the team, conversation stops when you entre the room, not being listened to, jokes being made about you, knick names being tagged to you. There are so many people who have to go through these types incidents on a daily basis and don't know how to deal with what seem like petty things.

But over time if it continues it could have serious implications on your health and wellbeing.

If behaviors are not challenged they can quickly become habitual. Bullying can be done in such a way that its hard to pin point what is being done to you without sounding silly or your over reacting.

Fortunately bullying can be identified in law and if you feel that you are a victim of bullying then there is quite a lot you can do about it whether it a colleague, supervisor or manager who is doing the bullying.

The same goes if you witness bullying at work, don't let it pass because its not directed at you, you never know it could be you next.

We hope that the following articles will help to empower you or your colleagues to put a stop to bullying at work.

once you read these articles don't stay silent. please...


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