We have all seen the pictures on our TV screens of hundreds of thousands of people moving towards the borders of Europe.

There have never been so many people on the move at the same time but this has been interpreted as a threat to our cosy comfy lives. People do not uproot themselves and their families, travel through some of the harshest terrains, put their lives in the hands of people smugglers, cross sea's in rubber dinghy’s, see other dinghy's capsize and people drown......

Just to come and claim benefits.

Politicians will say that they feel sorry for genuine REFUGEES but have no time for ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. The language they use to describe what is happening is frankly disgusting and shows a complete lack of compassion for our fellow Human being.


Just like the great migration of wildlife on the Serengeti, all the animals are doing is following their survival instincts. They will go through hell to get to where the water is and the green grass is growing as they know instinctively that if they stay where they are, then they will die.

You would think that as societies develop and advance the likely hood of conflicts leading to war would be on the decline. No in fact there are more violent conflicts around the world than ever before. The previous largest mass movement of people was a direct result of WW2. Millions of people were displaced fleeing persecution and war. The Jewish population of Europe were even given their own country Israel.

Yes top politicians in Europe laid a map of the Middle East on a table and drew a new country on the map. They went on to draw more lines on this map and made more countries like Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, in fact the whole region was artificially altered. Also note that all those countries mentioned ether had a civil war / in civil war or will have a civil war.

People who had historic cultural claims to land were displaced and the Imperial powers played the old card of Divide and Rule

This was the same policy used in Africa so that the Imperial powers could remain in control of the whole Continent. The similarities between the Middle East and Africa under Colonial rule are stark. I don’t want to give a history lecture but if the lessons of the past are not learned then the same mistakes will be repeated in the future.

The two regions of the world mentioned so far are not the only conflict zones that will contribute to the mass movement of people we see today. The Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, Tamils from Sir Lanka, Uyghur in China are all ethnic groups feeling oppressed, desperate, displaced and have or are willing to fight or flee for a safe life. Vietnamese boat people in flimsy wooden vessels heading to Australia are met by Australian war ships and then forced onto a small Island in the Pacific Ocean.

The action taken by rich countries in relation to this global migration crisis is simply wrong.

In the case of Australia it just baffling, all non native people are immigrants or the children of immigrants, the country is so vast that virtually no one lives in the middle of the country. There is a larger population of Sheep than there are people. But yet they will use the same reasoning as the Europeans do for not accepting people who just want a chance at a better life.

In this edition of FIND YOUR VOICE we will look at the pitiful response Britain has given to the migration crisis, considering the historic and modern day actions that successive governments have taken, this means Britain has a huge responsibility to these people.

In FYV3 we spoke in different terms about immigration but to see what is happening in the world today we realise it’s all connected.

Please read the upcoming articles don’t stay silent please........


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