This Edition of FIND YOUR VOICE will update some of the articles that have been published recently.

The living wage foundation has increased its recommended levels of hourly pay. It is clear that People4people support the living wage foundations recommendations and we urge all large employers to implement this as soon as possible.

We will publish the updated article with reference to the original article.

Another story that we feel needs updating is the lack of mental health provisions in the country.

In the news lately was a story about 200 celebrities who have signed an open letter to the government, raising the issue of mental health. And calling for more resources to be put into this area. People4people have been highlighting these issues for a while now, and it’s good to see that wider society is looking at this issue as well.

The last updated article to mention is the migration issue.

Since the summer we have seen the largest movement of people since the Second World War.

We will explain why Britain needs more immigration not less. We will also explore the reasons why so many people around the world are on the move.

From the camps outside the channel tunnel to the shores of Libya you will find human misery on a huge scale. People have seen the pictures on the TV and heard the politicians pedalling the same old proper gander.

We can’t close our eyes and ears to these issues for much longer, as one of these issues if not all, will touch you or someone you know so please read these upcoming articles and then.....


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