Blind recruitment


Yes Blind recruitment. When a potential employer is going through a mountain of CV`s, the people who have the task of short listing the candidates tend to have a subconscious bias against people who do not share some of the same characteristics as themselves. This tends to lead to a form of discrimination.

The way it works is simple; candidates with ethnic sounding names are less likely to have their CV shortlisted if the person selecting the shortlist is white British. Of course this will work the other way round too. Another issue concerning your name is it gives away your gender, straight away.

Your ethnicity or your sex can stop your CV getting to the short list stage.

We are calling on all employers big and small to implement a blind recruitment policy, let the best person for the job come through!

By removing names from CV`s the potential candidates will be assessed simply by the skills and qualifications they posses.

Diversity in the workplace is a valuable asset to any company.

The woman brick layer may be more skilled than all the other guys going for the job but will she be given the chance? How about the young black guy who wants to work in a nursery, he has as much patients and passion for the role as anyone, But his name is Jahrome Blackstock, will he be given a chance?

There will be more posted on this issue.

It’s time to put an end to all this and the only way is to...


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