​Are you looking after yourself and your mental health?

Until recently I had very little knowledge about mental health issues.

Yes through the years I had lost friendships and some romantic relationships but would just put it down to “they’ve changed or they are too emotional", simply dismissing people you see go through personality changes or episodes of depression in this way is wrong.

I will not pretend that after reading a few books and downloading journals off the internet that has made me an expert on the subject, and as I had never had any mental health issues myself, I can only talk from my point of view.

The one statistic that really shocked me was 1in4 people in the UK will suffer from some form of mental health problem.

Wow. If that’s right then we will all know someone with a mental health issue at some point in our lives.

I now believe that even if you personally don’t have a mental health problem in your lifetime you will still be affected by mental health issues as it’s bound to affect a friend, colleague or loved one at some point.

Why is it still taboo to talk openly about mental health issues when so many people will suffer? I find it hard to understand why successive governments have seriously under invested in this area.

Now, to find quick and specialized treatment for any mental health issues a person might have is like drawing blood from a stone.

Unfortunately the quickest way to enter the system for a mental health assessment and treatment is to call the police. You’re probably reading this thinking “WHAT” “you mean call a Doctor” no unless you have private health cover and can afford a private hospital, you will need to go through the NHS.

The articles I post alongside this one will be full of information in relation to mental health issues.

So please read then....


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