This edition of FIND YOUR VOICE is going to tackle some big subjects, racism, prejudice and discrimination.

Firstly the words race, racial, racist, racism. All of these words have been part of human culture from the beginning of time.

Your race, creed or colour have been important factors even in the most earliest civilizations. Your race should be a sense of pride but at the same time put into a human context, that is without other races of people, human development would never have moved beyond the cave.

What does the word racism or racist mean?, It simply means that a person of one race thinks they are superior to other human beings because of the colour of their skin.

If these thoughts are held by anyone at this stage of human development then they are simply stupid, ignorant or evil.

Many people use the word racist I believe in a totally wrong context when instead they should be using the term prejudice.

The African slave trade was based on racism, the Nazi war machine was racist, the Klu Klux Klan are a racist organization.

The common link is that they all would kill people of different races because they believed that they were superior and that people of other races lives have no value.

When people are accused of being racist, they immediately deny it and do not see themselves as racist and 9 times out of 10 they are not, they are prejudice.

I am not saying that any actions of a prejudice nature an individual has taken is less hurtful but calling them a racist is missing the point and allows them to rebuff your accusation.

Yes there are lots of racist individuals all over the world, but they need a prejudice culture, house hold, workplace or group of friends for racist views to gain power.

The notion that one race of people are superior to all others has been scientifically and openly shown to be nonsense.

Lets start dealing with what I think is a bigger issue, prejudice. There will be more said on this in. FIND YOUR VOICE (4a).

Remember....We are all one race, the human race.


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