Immigration the bogus topic

Great Britain Only became great when it started to build an empire

The idea of empire means you make people from other regions/country's become subject to your laws/language/currency. Another reason for empire is to control the resources and people of the region/country you have taken control of.

At one point in time Britain a small island nation controlled virtually half the world, from the West Indies to the Indian sub Continent and large sways of Africa and Asia. This gave Britain a huge resource of manpower. As times changed and two world wars later Britain regularly encouraged people from their colonies to come to the mother land to help rebuild her. Most of Britain's infrastructure has been built and maintained by immigrant or foreign work forces. From the turn of the 20th century Britain would not have survived without immigration. Taking these well known facts into consideration there has always been a strange thing about British politicians. That is they always want to blame the very foreign workers who keep the country running for their own morally bankrupt policy's.

Immigrant workers or immigration in general is not the reasons why the NHS is not working like a dream or the reason for a housing crisis or even for the lack of school places in the country.

The biggest outright lie that the politicians peddle is the one about the foreigners cumming here just for benefit's, then talking tough about it stirring up nationalistic sentiment.

The reason why the NHS/Schools/Housing/ and the benefit's system are in crises is because of an endless cycle of government's miss management.

If all the country's of Europe were to say, all Brits go back to where you come from, then we would have problems. there are almost 3millions Brits living around Europe and there is around 700,000 Polish people here.

If Britain wants to remain at the top table of country's in the world then we need more immigration not less. With an ageing population were are the baby's going to come from? Even churches have benefited from immigration with some church congregation's made up of 90% immigrants.

This country was and is built on immigration and migrant workers.

People4people will be posting a series on the facts of immigration.

When you hear someone blaming this or that on the"bloody foreigners" please don't stay silent.


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