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After the first few months of People4people being established an interesting statistic is starting to show. 80% of the clients we have helped are women. I hope that this pattern will level itself out. The issues that our female clients came to us with were / are wide ranging.

Why do some employer's still think they can get away with last century treatment of female employees?

Why is there still such a thing called the gender gap?

Why should any female employee accept any form of inequality?

Many employers do not keep up to date with modern business ethics and there for do not understand or fully appreciate the value of the female employees in there workforce.

Often an employer will be acting unlawfully but neither they nor the employees will fully know. If you feel that a male colleague gets more favorable treatment than you as a female, whether its overtime, promotion, salary or anything else that makes you feel that" its because I'm a woman", then follow your instincts.

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