In the real world we all know what it’s like to meet someone you don't like or for someone not to like you. In the real world you would just avoid each other especially if the feeling is mutual. In a work place environment it can be far from the real world.

if it's a supervisor/manager or colleague who has taken a personal dislike to you and the nature of your work means you simply cannot avoid them then there is the potential for real and serious conflict.

In many cases the conflict can go on for extended periods of time, even years.

For some people negative work place experiences can go on to dominate their lives leading to pressure/stress/illness and many more consequences. We spend so much time at work and statistics show we are working longer and harder it's only right that there are laws to protect us. Not knowing exactly what's what leaves you exposed to bad practice which inevitably (doesn't have your best interest at heart). If you are feeling stressed at work for any reason you should flag it up to yourself. If you’re feelings of  stress are caused by malpractice from managers/supervisors/colleagues or anyone else you may have to deal with as part of your employment you should contact your HR dept. If your HR dept does not recognize your stress then contact People4people.

Stress is recognized as a silent killer and will severely inhibit your ability to perform at your best.

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Is a non profit organization.

We operate an ethical business model.

All donations / contributions are calculated simply on 3 criteria.

  • How much you earn vs. how much you feel you can contribute.

  • how complex the case

  • What services you require


All donated contributions paid to People4people are put back into the running of this service,

so we can empower more employee's.


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  • How much you earn vs. how much you feel you can contribute.

  • how complex the case

  • What services you require



When you hear the term ACAS you tend to think of major industrial disputes. In fact it’s meant to be for anyone who is in dispute with their employer. Unfortunately once again government policies have made ACAS useless to average hard working people. If you are thinking or directed to talk to ACAS they will be mindful that they cannot tell you much about your case in detail because they have to remain impartial. Even if you know that you have a strong case they will not advise you one way or another. The role ACAS play when it comes to employee vs employer disputes seems to me to raise the prospect of entrenchment and further conflict. ACAS will direct you to their info pages that are good reading material and could help you decide whether you have a good case.

If you are thinking of taking your employer to a tribunal then you will have to register your complaint with ACAS first.

They will then attempt to negotiate with you and your employer to find some sort of settlement to your dispute. In my experience employers tend to deny your version of events when dealing with ACAS. This process can take up to a month before you can go down the tribunal rout.

Employment Law


Employment law can be a mine field, updates revisions, amendments by governments can mean the average hard working person will have NO idea if their employer is giving them the full protection of the law. With that in mind most employers aren't up to speed either, but that can be NO excuse.

All law is owned by a small group of people and they speak their own language and tend to assume that the rest of us are potential cash cows. It’s not all their fault, the interference from politicians has lead to the average person being squeezed by employers and by lawyers trying to make a living. employment lawyers cost have spiraled out of reach of most hard working people so now we have the explosion NO WIN NO FEE arrangement were Employment lawyers risk assess you to see if your worth their time and effort.

That is why we established People4people. We believe that people who need help and cannot speak like a lawyer should not be fleeced in their pursuit of natural justice. The advisors at P4p understand and have been there.

Common issues we see

Claims of discrimination

Bullying and harassment

Unpaid or incorrect wages

Conflicts with managers/supervisors

HR dept unfair bias and corrupt

Work place malpractice

Whistle blowing

Change of management

Maternity/paternity leave/pay

Settlement agreements


TUPEE laws

And many more.


Please note:

People4people do NOT claim to provide any legal services.












citizens advice service


When there is work place issues the question is often asked" are you part of any union"? 7 out of 10 say "NO".

the next question often asked is have you got in touch with the citizens advice? You may think, how can they help?

Well they can help, but you will need a lot of time and patience.

As like the lawyers there services are being squeezed by government policy. Funding is being diverted away from these type of bodies that make no money but only help people. So managing to get free employment advice from the CAB could mean having to wait your turn in a very long queue.

If your issues are complex then the solicitor giving free advice on behalf of the CAB will soon direct you to an employment law firm.

They will not have the time to go through your case in any great detail

Trade unions


In the 60's 70's and 80's most people would be informed of the presence of the union when you joined a work force. Industrial relations between employee's and their employers were under constant strain as mankind entered the digital age. The unions only really had one weapon up their sleeves when it came to negotiating for their members, STRIKE......

Well we all know what happened next. The government of the day at the turn of the 80's declared war on the unions and their power.

Coal miners, Steel workers, car plant workers whole sections of British industry were destroyed in this war, whole communities were left jobless and hopeless thanks to a war the unions could never win.

Things have changed since those days and being a member of a union can be very beneficial in safeguarding your rights.

One thing to remember: If your employer takes some kind of disciplinary action against you before you have joined a union it will be too late to join and  they will not be able to represent you.