Senior Advisor

My name is Carl.


I am the senior advisor at People4people

I have been advising people and influencing outcomes of workplace issues for over 20 years and have just about seen it all.

My aim is to empower you to protect your work life. As we work longer and harder it becomes increasingly more difficult to protect yourself against the stresses and strains of holding on to your job.

If you are stressed and find it hard to articulate yourself or find your employers HR dept is not treating you fairly, it can be tough and lonely.

Colleagues will tend to withdraw there support for you through fear of there own jobs.

Trade union membership is falling and people in general do not go into work on a day to day basis thinking they need trade union support in case something is going to go wrong.

Knowing your rights, ACAS best practice and simple employment law could help you to secure what's fair.


Please note:

People4people do NOT claim to provide any legal services.

Hello my name is Vivia
After 50yrs of employment, the majority of which I spent in the hospitality sector. I have worked in the UK as well as abroad. During my employment I have had many roles, recruitment, training, pay roll, HR and customer service. I have managed teams of 20-30 people at a time. My experience has given me the ability to help and advise people on a wide variety of work place issues.
I am an advisor for P4p because I am a problem solver by nature and I like to help.       

My name is Marta


I am originally from Poland and have lived and worked in the UK for 9yrs. For many people who come from the EU to Great Britain they come in the hope of work and opportunity and equality. To me it should not matter which country you come from everyone should be treated fairly and according to the law. Do not take any unfair treatment because you feel your English is not strong or you can not be understood. Hear at People4people we can help you to be clear, understood and protected when it comes to your work. I have helped many people from EU country's understand their rights and I always feel good about helping people. With the other Advisor's on the team our knowledge is deep and wide ranging.