Why take my advice ?

Profile of an advisor
I have worked for various organisations, some small some big and even self employed and unemployed.


Thoughout the journey of different careers and jobs I have always been keen to study the psychology and methodology of the company's themselves and the individuals that work for them.

In my working life I have had jobs were I have had to start at the bottom, to management positions in control of large financial budgets, hiring, firing, training and motivating people by the hundreds.

I've cleaned toilets as a cleaner and tendered for multi million pound contracts in the corporate world.


I am a great believer in standing up to the bully and the concept of natural justice.

There are many unjust things happening in the world, none of which I can do much about.


Helping people to help themselves is something that always fills me with a sense of worth and beating the bully feels even better.


Over a lifetime of being an employee whether it be as a manager, supervisor or simple operative I have always been asked to represent colleagues in disciplinary scenarios and conflict situations.

This has enabled me to learn many of the techniques used by employers to deal with employees.

I have also been an employer and I'm ashamed to admit that I have used some of the same underhand techniques to deal with employees myself


This admission plus everything you have read above puts me in a unique position to truly give knowledge based advice. But that's not the only reasons why you should take my advice.


In 97% of all cases that I have advised on and the employee has acted on my advice, there has been a positive outcome. That is quite a good hit rate by anyone's standards.


When I was an employer I had HR advisors that were caring had good knowledge and were not too shy to tell me "you can’t do that its ethically wrong", but the business of HR has changed over the years instead of insuring that the employer and employees are behaving in a lawful and ethical manner towards their employees or colleagues and observing best practice they tend to be trained in the art of defending their paymasters to the hilt no matter how unlawful or unethical the pay master has behaved.


A lot of small to medium sized private employers tend to appoint HR manger's and place them alongside director in company management structure because HR managers are among the few people who really know their rights and could cause major problems in other words keep your enemy's close.

So how do you get fair and un bias outcomes when the HR dept is part of the problem?


I have years of experience dealing with HR and have seen the change in their job roles but crucially I know how to deal with them.


Please note:

People4people do NOT claim to provide any legal services.


If you are feeling stressed at work,take a look at the picture on this page.

What I can do is clear the clouds and fog, so you can see the light and find a way to the person at the top so they can hear what you have to say.


Every advisor feels passionately about natural justice and the experience we have collectively gained will enable us to assist you through your work place issues.


             Carl Smith

       Founder/senior advisor


  • Over 25 yeas of working experience

  • Encountered a multitude of employment issues 

  • I am A believer in fairness for all